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Quick Glimpse of AI in Education

January 20, 2020

When people talk about artificial intelligence (AI), it can seem daunting. However, the more you know about AI, the more you realize that the basis of AI is the desire of humans to give life to inanimate beings. These beings can learn from experiences and make decisions. A more official definition:

“Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines, which are controlled by computers, to execute tasks, which are mostly connected with intelligent beings.”

Consider AI for a moment, have you formulated something in your mind that is arcane or obtuse? This is not the reality, in fact, we use it all over our lives without realizing it. AI helps us to filter our emails, suggests smart replies, predictive searches, product or music recommendations, finds locations and directions in maps,... Of course, we do not develop AI just to make daily work in our lives easier, we use it for a significantly larger group of tasks. We can categorize the importance of AI as three different paths:

  • We live in a world of “data” namely in two ways: There are billions of people in the world, so, the amount of data produced each second is tremendous. The best way to get to know a person and market your product is through this data. Since we cannot analyze this data manually (due to physical and mental constraints), AI helps us. AI automates repetitive learning, makes discoveries, and analyzes both quantitatively more and qualitatively deeper data with incredible accuracy.
  • There are so many different products on the market but we all recognize the smarter ones better. Customers want those products to be unique to them and guess their next step before even the customer can. The only way to do this is to combine products with intelligence. AI adds intelligence to existing products.
  • In this period when we no longer want to do anything manually, it would not be a wise choice to change an algorithm every time that we make a slight improvement or shift in direction. So, AI learns to improve their own algorithms with the previously and newly given data. AI adapts through gradual learning algorithms.

So, where and how do we use these important reasons? Do we need to use AI or if not what's the point of it being important, right? Every industry around us needs and uses AI. Examples of these industries are banking, health care, manufacturing, education, etc. As, we focus on the education sector and we have some reasons to introduce AI to the education system.

  • AI can personalize education. With AI, a new education system will know us better than ourselves. This improved system will provide information according to a student's personal needs to increase the efficiency of education and make it uniquely tailored to a student's learning needs.
  • AI produces smart content. It would be impossible to produce lesson content manually for each student and for each lecture. With AI, there will be more visualized, customized digital-based textbooks, study environments, or exercises, and students will now encounter questions that appeal directly to them, facilitate their learning, and teach the focus of the subject instead of some inefficient repetitive operations.
  • AI contributes to task automation. It's easier to look at things from one side, our side, the learner’s side. But the education system also has a teacher side. In addition to education, teachers also have other menial tasks such as grading, content production, and lecturing. This is where AI will step in and take care of these tasks automatically.

At, we combine the advantages of AI with education. We are the first AI-based modular integrated advanced analytics platform. We use AI to evaluate student-generated data and provide advanced analytics to transform education!. We deliver analysis for students uniquely, detect their sentiment and future performance, and supervise exams for an equal learning environment. We are here to provide a better understanding for everyone and increase the quality of education. Come join us as we #ReshapeEducation.


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