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Exam Proctor

Create secure and fair exams without human supervision

- Fair online exam execution

- Increase the quality of exams

- Reduce the total time spent on proctoring

- Reduce the number of proctoring mistakes

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What Exam Proctor Does


Track eye movement for superior proctoring

Eyes can tell a lot! During exams, our Exam Proctor tracks eye movements in order to detect student actions.


Detect regulated exam materials

Without Exam Proctor, it is difficult to tell if someone is using regulate exam materials such as calculators or notes. We use only a student webcam to detect such materials.


Flag suspicious activities and save time

Proctoring online exams is a massive burden for teachers and proctors. With Exam Proctor, all time intervals with suspicious activity are reported directly to the instructor by our revolutionary flagging system.


What Exam Proctor Enables


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Fair Assessments for Everyone

Test all students in a fair environment.

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Detect All Mischiefs

Detect the misbehaviour of your students during an exam.

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Save Tremendous Amount of Time

Save your valuable time for what is really important, teaching.

Who Exam Proctor Benefits


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With Exam Proctor, students can take exams at home in a fair and secure environment.

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Focus on education quality instead of redundant workload. Reduce proctoring time by 90% with Exam Proctor.

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Exam Proctor maximizes the efficiency of online testing and decreases the testing expenses of institutions.


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