Spiky is a digital sentiment dashboard that unleashes everybody’s best potential using vocal, video, and language sentiment analytics. We empower online interactions such as meetings and training programs and make them more efficient and engaging using custom state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based algorithms. We give you personalized and actionable insights to elevate your engagement with our 48 different engagement metrics and a total of 15 unique reporting.
Together, by using a personalization ideology, we maximize human potential by empowering engagement and enhancing the experience between members, which in turn will lead to a brighter future.
You can read more about our mission and values.
We are here for forward-thinking and determined companies and people who want to enhance their engagement and bring out the best in themselves, no matter what size of company or stage of life.
With the Spiky platform, you can see the voice and video analysis of your online meetings, get personalized and actionable insights to enhance your engagement and create a more productive and motivating online communication experience.
We know that you spend enough time doing business. That's why we won't take more of your time. Everything is on us and our features. All you have to do is upload the video you want to be analyzed to the Spiky platform by using our integrations.
Once you have your desired video on our platform, we gather video and voice data from it, and don’t worry, your information is safe with us (you can check the privacy section and can read in more detail how we secure your data). We then run our algorithms to track intricate connections in your interactions. For the final step, we give you personalized and actionable insights based on real-time values from your video and our proprietary 48 engagement metrics with advanced analytics and tracking. For more detailed information about our analysis and product, please visit our analysis page.

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