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Performance Oracle

Detect problems beforehand with machine learning

- Gain more insight into which topics are difficult

- Proactively provide additional support

- Acquire better time in skill mastery/learning

- Provide teachers more time to adjust their plans

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BK-Mobil uses Spiky to power their PAI platform


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Using the AI expertise of Spiky, BK-Mobil has created a revolutionary adaptive learning framework for BAU and Ugur schools (100,000+ students). BK-Mobil utilizes PAI (personalized AI) to custom-fit their-learning strategy for their student needs. We drive their AI engine with Performance Oracle to forecast student performance and enable preemptive teaching techniques.

What Performance Oracle Does


Understand your class as a whole, but intervene individually

Educators can see class performance and each student's performance. It allows educators to focus on every student without wasting time inspecting the problems.


Predict problems beforehand to develop quick responses uses sophisticated ML algorithms to build comprehensive future projection analysis for learners/teachers/institutions. With Performance Oracle we assist institutions to recognize challenges early and have immediate responses.


Receive personalized feedback

Performance Oracle provides students with a greater understanding of how their work can be enhanced. Feedback associated with each student's areas of need will encourage them to understand how to develop more quickly.


Enrich the learning experience with exam-question analysis

Performance Oracle provides a detailed examination-question review that helps students and instructors to see which topics are troublesome and the relation between them.


What Performance Oracle Enables


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Create Personalized Analytics

Take advantage of personalization

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Measure 360 Degree

Measure every aspect of your students

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Improve Success Metrics

Improve your student success with advanced analysis

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Engage With Students

Make more meaningful connections with students

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Actualize the Potential

Discover the real potential of your class.

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Discover the Missing Points

Pinpoint the missing rings in your learning journey

Who Performance Oracle Benefits


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Performance Oracle provides insights into educational outcomes in students with easy to understand graphs. Students can view predictions and react accordingly.

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Performance Oracle allows teachers to act fast before students face difficulties. Teachers can adapt and modify their content with predictive scores and overviews.

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Improve the quality of your institution by supreme analytics. Find institutional limitations and make quality decisions from quantitative data.


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