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Sentiment Detective

Emotion Analysis feedback to enhance learning experience

- Understand the emotional patterns of students

- Excel in the teaching process

- Evaluate lecture quality and student satisfaction

- Tailor your response based on emotional input

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What Sentiment Detective Does


Emotion analysis feedback to enhance the learning experience

Observe the overall emotional state of your students with Sentiment Detective. Figure out where each student is having difficulties throughout your lesson and find places where your teachers can improve their teaching.


Develop lecture content using Emotion Prediction

Leverage behavior analysis with the state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms driving Sentiment Detective. Figure out how emotions interact with each other. Demystify the learning process and maximize both success and happiness.


Understand emotional responses to specific subjects

Emotions are extremely essential for the learning process. By using Sentiment Detective, the emotional state of students can be evaluated on specific subjects, even down to the question level.


What Sentiment Detective Enables


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Understand the Interest of Students

Evaluate how much a student pays attention to a subject.

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Keep Your Classroom Awake

Detect if a student is falling asleep

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Evaluate the Qualitative

Access the feelings of your students.

Who Sentiment Detective Benefits


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Students can understand at what points of the lecture they struggled and they can revisit those points after a lecture or before their exams.

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Teachers understand which subjects that a class had difficulty on or which lessons they need to explain in a different manner.

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Educational institutions can make their online classes better and more engaging through better understanding of student emotions.


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