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Use Cases

Unique achievement to unleash the best potential of the
customer facing people, sales teams, leaders, and sales structure.
Customer Insights

Customer insights

for customer facing people

Put your customers in the first place. Leverage customer insights to prioritize the needs and reactions of the customers to increase sales performance and efficiency.
Understand your customers on an individual level by noticing their non-verbal queues like voice tone and emotions. Leverage communication metrics, such as language usage. Use high-level scores like interaction, attention, and emotion distribution throughout the meeting.

Faster trainings

for teams

Utilize insights and lead your sales team to their maximum potential in a shorter amount of time. Let us detect the best practices of asynchronous training.
Discover the productivity and reactions of your teams during training with metric distribution, participant stats, communication metrics with inclusivity score, and historical insights that enables compare previous meetings. Spend less time watching hours of trainings and let Spiky do the heavy lifting.
Faster trainings
Smart coaching

Smart coaching

for leaders

Experience continuous support for coaching to close more and bigger deals by understanding the customers and their reactions. Spend less time on logistics.
Receive a top-level glance into the company's coaching structure and figure out the ups and downs easily without any cost to the leaders. Prevent spending hours of time coaching and memorizing the reactions and status of the participants.

Ready to make data-backed decisions?

Instead of analyzing pure numbers and letting the deals fall off, we help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your revenue team structure, shorten training times, and foster sales and customer team excellence.