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for Webex

Power your hybrid workplaces with the power of Spiky and Webex.

Powerful workplaces start with your meetings.

Everyone is unique, and every voice deserves to be heard. Are you having issues creating an engaging workplace and employee-centric team culture in your remote/hybrid workplace?
Effective communication is fundamental for employee loyalty and well-being. Spiky for Webex helps you include all your employees and supercharge their development with EQ intelligence metrics.
Have your online meetings confidently with deep insights providing the underlying mechanisms needed to quantitatively improve communication.
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Webex Integration
Super smooth and easy

Super smooth and easy

Time is everything. Speed up your process with our Webex integration and access your meetings with one simple click.
Deep dive into insights

Deep dive into insights

People are what make organizations thrive. Dig into the underlying dynamics of your teams and company with EQ insights.
Privacy first

Privacy first

Put your privacy first and explore secured anonymized insights for each employee with an average pulse for the company.
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“Within QNBEYOND, we had the chance to personally follow how Spiky progressed from its early days as a product. We are working with Spiky to answer many of our questions, such as what time we should organize our online meetings what we should do to be more productive. Remote teams will feel very lucky to have an assistant like Spiky.”

Derya Duner

QNBEYOND Executive VP, QNB Finansbank

“I’ve been working with Spiky since the early days. A great expending team which shows great professionalism. With a professional mindset, AI programming/engagement is truly a market revolution and a game-changer in my opinion. Driven for result and always willing to go the extra mile.”

Chento Didden

Head of Sales, Summa Systems

“It’s like a doctor’s visit. Spiky gives me real insights, data & metrics to work with. I can extract so much from the dynamics of each conversation, it helps me to improve the next one and significantly (%30) increase our overall productivity.”

Jimm Meloy

Co-founder, Mentorshop


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Use Cases

Build healthier team culture with increased communication.
Build effective team chemistry with unique personality traits.
Develop productivity by correlating insights with performance.
Decrease meeting costs by building a meeting efficiency culture.
Reduce churn by improving inclusivity and employee loyalty.
Create a quantifiable-trackable emotional memory for your company.
Remember your interview meetings and make accurate decisions.
Prioritize call center messages based on metrics.

Spiky + Webex

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Instead of analyzing pure numbers and letting the deals fall off, we help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your revenue team structure, shorten training times, and foster sales and customer team excellence.