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Spiky.ai is the first AI-based modular integrated advanced analytics platform that leads the Edutech 5.0 revolution.


of education institutions say that AI will be instrumental to their institution's competitiveness.

Are you ready to transform education?

Most institutions still lack a formal data strategy or practical measures in place to advance AI capabilities, which remains a key inhibitor. The vast majority of educational leaders understand the need for an AI strategy. Spiky.ai is the smartest way to evaluate students and teachers. With our quick integration, you can start to enhance your teaching experience. From now on, with Spiky.ai, we will reshape education together!

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Leading Brands Trust Spiky

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Meet the Spiky.ai Platform

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Spiky.ai platform provides a better understanding of students for their classes and teachers. By using our platform, teachers can gain more insight into which topics are difficult for students and act proactively to provide additional support. We enable better performance of students by remedying mistakes, providing emotional analysis, and certifying exam evaluation.

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Cross-Module Analysis

- Spiky.ai Platform

Deliver complete analysis across Spiky products by using AI algorithms and deep analytics methods. Create new data points from cross-module interactions to further understand problems.

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- Spiky.ai Platform

All students need personal attention to enhance their performance. Spiky.ai recognizes the uniqueness of each student and creates a custom-crafted educational experience.

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Strategic Decision

- Spiky.ai Platform

Reduce the management team's overhead and provide a comprehensive understanding of your institutional needs.

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Live Emotion Analysis

- Sentiment Detective

Understand the relationship between your students' emotions and their success to create a peaceful and rich learning experience. Use emotional metrics as your key-performance enabler.

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Future Performance Prediction

- Performance Oracle

Determine the right problems to concentrate on to increase student success and teacher performance. Observe future performance with up to 92% accuracy.

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Equal Learning Environment

- Exam Proctor

Deliver a secured exam environment for institutions. Create equal learning environment opportunities for students.

The Spiky.ai Difference

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All in One

We designed Spiky.ai as a whole. Our platform gathers all essential AI-based analytics products under one platform. Institutions don't have to buy separate products for their comprehensive requirements.

Quick Integration

Spiky.ai integrates to widely adopted LMSs and virtual video conferencing platforms. No more bothering with changing your educational environment.

Cross-module Analysis

Our products are in constant communication with each other to present its users an unprecedented analytics experience, valuable suggestions, and thorough reports utilizing data gathered from our modules.

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