We are Spiky

Spiky is a digital sentiment dashboard that aims to

unleash everybody’s best potential.

People are what make organizations thrive. We are here to empower people, elevate their engagement, and create an inclusive workplace.

Our Company
Who we are?

As Spiky, we empower online meetings by making them more efficient and engaging and helping you to create an inclusive online workplace using artificial intelligence. In addition, we give you personalized and actionable insights to elevate your engagement.

Using a personalization ideology, we empower engagement and enhance communication between members, leading to a brighter future for hybrid and online workplaces and unleashing the best potential in everyone.

Our Mission

Inspired by people, we have seen that communication is very important in every aspect of life. We advocate that the best potential in people comes when they truly understand each other. People are what make organizations thrive. Our mission is to build algorithms to optimize employee interactions and enhance their experience.

Our Story

Our story began by optimizing education and training programs, passionate about unleashing the maximum potential in everyone. Then, we saw the direct impact we could have on people's lives when we tailored personal interactions for individuals.

We decided to unleash the power of effective communication in everyone's lives, not just during learning. With Spiky, we now power your digital interactions using our suite of artificial intelligence algorithms. Elevate engagement!


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Employees who are engaged are:


More productive




More loyal




More motivated

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Our Values & Culture
We Care

1% principle
1% Principle

We practice what we preach. Always learn, and improve yourself and your work by 1% daily. 1% a day is 37X improvement in a year. There is no "I don't know"; there is "I will learn.".

1% principle
Accept Feedback

Everyone is constantly learning, don’t be closed to feedback. Sometimes feedback can be harsh. This is not to be mean. It is for the best product we can create.

1% principle
Iterative Shipping

Do not wait to ship your work, always be shipping iteratively. Get feedback fast and realign your tasks accordingly.

1% principle
Take Ownership

Own your products and your mistakes. Do more than you are asked for. Your teammates should be able to rely on you, and you should be able to rely on them.

1% principle
Love Users

Our users are our everything. Their feedback is of utmost importance. Take it seriously. Don’t leave them waiting.

1% principle
Simple and Direct

Do not overcomplicate what you are doing. Simple design, clean code, straightforward, and most importantly, clear communication are all beautiful things.

1% principle
Show Respect

We abide by the golden rule, do unto others as they would do unto you. Be transparent, helpful, and respectful.

1% principle
Insist on Greatness

Always take pride in your work, do work that you would feel happy showing to people. Do not hide bugs; find them and take pride that you found them.

1% principle
Idea Meritocracy

Egos/labels/titles do not matter; the best idea always wins.

1% principle
Commit and Go Fast

The universe abides by the 80-20 rule. 80 percent of the work will take 20 percent of our time; conversely, 20 percent of our work will take 80 percent of our time.

1% principle
Love Your Work

If you love what you are doing, you are on the right track. Always look for the areas that you enjoy doing and that you are great at doing. We strive to bring these two together

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