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Discover the nature of sales with our powerful online meeting analysis platform that delivers profound insights into communication performance.

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Who we are?

We understand that the modern business landscape is constantly evolving, and companies need to adapt quickly to stay competitive. That is why we have developed a powerful AI platform that is specifically designed for forward-thinking companies.

We are here to solve inadequate and inefficient training programs and provide a lifetime continuous coaching sessions for revenue teams. Using personalization ideology, we analyze and optimize sales meetings and buyer intelligence by automating tasks and fueling sales excellence. Let Spiky do the heavy lifting.

Our mission

Inspired by people, we have seen that communication is very important in every aspect of life. Our team of experts works closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and objectives and develop custom solutions tailored to provide maximum value and ROI.

Our story

Our journey began with a passion for optimizing training programs, driven by our desire to unlock the full potential of every individual. Along the way, we discovered the profound impact that personalized interactions could have on people’s lives.

We made the decision to extend our efforts beyond the realm of education, and set out to empower effective communication in all aspects of life. By leveraging Spiky, we enable businesses and individuals to communicate more effectively, ultimately leading to better revenue.

Individuals gathered around a table, engaged in paper-based discussions, emphasizing communication for customized solutions and optimal returns.

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Our Values & Culture

Person on rocks gazes at sky, learns 1% daily for 37x growth in a year. "I will learn" mindset only.
1% Principle

We practice what we preach. Always learn, and improve yourself and your work by 1% daily. 1% a day is 37X improvement in a year. There is no "I don't know"; there is "I will learn.".

Office environment with individuals engaged in teamwork, utilizing sticky notes on the wall. Embracing critical feedback to create the finest product.
Accept Feedback

Everyone is constantly learning, don't be closed to feedback. Sometimes feedback can be harsh. This is not to be mean. It is for the best product we can create.

A container ship is docked at the water's edge, emphasizing the significance of iterative shipping, swift feedback for optimal results.
Iterative Shipping

Do not wait to ship your work, always be shipping iteratively. Get feedback fast and realign your tasks accordingly.

Planting a small plant in the dirt, this person exemplifies the importance of owning mistakes and going above and beyond for teammates.
Take Ownership

Own your products and your mistakes. Do more than you are asked for. Your teammates should be able to rely on you, and you should be able to rely on them.

Impressive city skyline with tall buildings, emphasizing prompt responses for user feedback.
Love Users

Our users are our everything. Their feedback is of utmost importance. Take it seriously. Don't leave them waiting.

A picturesque pathway to Iceland, emphasizing the beauty of simplicity, clean code, and effective communication.
Simple and Direct

Do not overcomplicate what you are doing. Simple design, clean code, straightforward, and most importantly, clear communication are all beautiful things.

A diverse group of individuals walking along a dusty path, embodying the golden rule of transparency, helpfulness, and respect.
Show Respect

We abide by the golden rule, do unto others as they would do unto you. Be transparent, helpful, and respectful.

Majestic church interior with grand columns and arches. Embrace excellence: Take pride in your work and find and fix any issues.
Insist on Greatness

Always take pride in your work, do work that you would feel happy showing to people. Do not hide bugs; find them and take pride that you found them.

The reflection of three vibrant beach huts in water, symbolizing the Idea Meritocracy philosophy that disregards egos, labels, and titles.
Idea Meritocracy

Egos/labels/titles do not matter; the best idea always wins.

A swimmer glides through a pool with blue and orange lanes. The 80-20 rule reminds us that some tasks require more time and effort than others.
Commit and Go Fast

The universe abides by the 80-20 rule. 80 percent of the work will take 20 percent of our time; conversely, 20 percent of our work will take 80 percent of our time.

With dedication and expertise, an artist finds fulfillment in an art studio, as he paints on a canvas, merging passion and skill harmoniously.
Love Your Work

If you love what you are doing, you are on the right track. Always look for the areas that you enjoy doing and that you are great at doing. We strive to bring these two together

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We are so proud to have forward-thinking investors who share our passion and support us boldly.

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