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Let's explore the technology behind the magic, understand how it works, and get mesmerized by the outputs.

Take control and level up your sales meetings

See beyond your sales with three easy steps

Online meeting
Capture your meeting
Have your call with your customer
or your training meeting in the video
conferencing tool of your choice.
Upload meeting
Upload to platform
With a tiny click, upload your
meeting to the Spiky platform
from your desktop or cloud.
Super meeting
Unleash empowered revenue
Empower sales and improve training
with 48 different engagement metrics
created by custom-AI-based algorithms.
Deep Features & Metrics

Deep Features & Metrics

Enhance the engagement and communication of your customer and training meetings and training calls to maximize the potential and enthusiasm of your revenue teams.

Discover attention, emotion, and interaction responses with communication, vocal, and language metrics - access actionable insights and sentiment meaning behind the meeting and reactions.
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Rich & Accurate Outputs

Custom-built AI algorithm generates context and behavior-driven analytics for 10-100 times more prosperous and accurate outputs.

Spiky gives you 48 unique communication and content-related metrics per second from vocal, content, and non-verbal sources with first-hand access to your meeting's data.
Rich & Accurate Outputs


Spiky is adaptive to all video conferencing tools. We utilize custom-built state-of-the-art AI algorithms to give first-hand access to user engagement data.

With our adaptive API integrations, you don't need to download or change your video conferencing tool. Instead, log in to your account, and the rest is magic!
“Within QNBEYOND, we had the chance to personally follow how Spiky progressed from its early days as a product. We are working with Spiky to answer many of our questions, such as what time we should organize our online meetings what we should do to be more productive. Remote teams will feel very lucky to have an assistant like Spiky.”

Derya Duner

QNBEYOND Executive VP, QNB Finansbank

“I’ve been working with Spiky since the early days. A great expending team which shows great professionalism. With a professional mindset, AI programming/engagement is truly a market revolution and a game-changer in my opinion. Driven for result and always willing to go the extra mile.”

Chento Didden

Head of Sales, Summa Systems

“It’s like a doctor’s visit. Spiky gives me real insights, data & metrics to work with. I can extract so much from the dynamics of each conversation, it helps me to improve the next one and significantly (%30) increase our overall productivity.”

Jimm Meloy

Co-founder, Mentorshop


Spiky solutions

Your privacy is safe with us

Spiky Solutions - Privacy
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      AWS Cloud Security Services
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      Remove or mask sensitive content like personally identifiable information (PII).
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      No employee tracking, automated decision making, profiling, or monitoring
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      Personal information of our users is kept private and safe
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    4 reasons to empower sales with Spiky

    Boost Communication
    Boost communication skills
    and engagement.
    Foster emotional development while
    increasing communication skills by
    20% and performance by 30%.
    Increase Engagement
    Increase the rate of engagement of
    customers to enhance commitment.
    Raise awareness of customers'
    reactions to increase their enthusiasm
    towards your company and products.
    Secure AI Technology
    Understand the participants with
    secure and custom AI technology.
    Measure attention and emotion
    reactions with 19 unique custom-AI-
    based algorithms.
    Productive Meeting
    Have more productive meetings
    with unique, diverse reporting.
    Understand your customers with 15
    different reporting styles to take
    necessary actions.

    Ready to make data-backed decisions?

    Instead of analyzing pure numbers and letting the deals fall off, we help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your revenue team structure, shorten training times, and foster sales and customer team excellence.