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How does Spiky work?

The Spiky Platform makes everything easy. Ignite your revenue with a few simple steps. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your customers.

Video Calls

Video Calls

Spiky Scribe

Spiky Scribe



Video Conferencing Tools

Video Conferencing Tools



Voice Calls

Voice Calls

Collect data on the go

From your video conferencing tools, manual uploads, calendar, CRM, and new integrations being added each day. Stream your data from anywhere and combine them in one platform.

Create meaningful insights

Smart AI algorithms works behind the scenes to give you the correlations that you need to perform deep dives on your meetings. Utilize four verticals of data, non-verbal, vocal, language, and context. No other platforms comes close.

Understand the business & yourself

Embrace the uniqueness of your company, customers, and yourself. Use our personalized feedback to focus on increasing value for your stakeholders.

Transcript & Summary

Whether you have a team of 1 or 2000, our shared team inboxes keeps everyone on the same page and in the loop. Leverage automation to move fast, while always giving customers a human, helpful experience. Drill down into the relevant information at lightning pace.

Save your valuable time
Screens exemplifying Spiky Transcript & Summary's collaborative team inbox feature. Experience automation and personalized customer support.
A Spiky Feedback and Coaching screen showing a customer satisfaction

Feedback & Coaching

Forget manual reviews. Recognize the intrinsic value of individuality and embrace your strengths and areas of development with personalized feedback and coaching. By adopting a customer-centric approach, evaluate yourself through our lens. With this meticulous approach, unlock your full potential, enhance your professional growth, and take your career to new heights.

Automated personalized feedback

Company 360 Panel

Streamline your workflow with a unified platform that centralizes data inputs and actionable outputs. Easily review your personal and team status, get automated reports for meetings, replay crucial moments, and understand your conversational effectiveness. Achieve unparalleled success with our innovative platform.

Access everything from one place
Spiky Company 360 Panel dashboard displays diverse individuals for streamlined workflow and centralized data.
A Spiky dashboard empowering users with efficient deal tracking, automated CRM filling, and detailed analysis to elevate overall performance.

Deal Flow

Track your deals from a single source. View the essential highlights of each deal. Automate the CRM filling process and conduct detailed analysis on each deal, unlock critical insights and identify areas for improvement. Optimize your overall deal structure, elevating your performance to unprecedented heights.

Correlate overall flow


Access the other half of conversational intelligence. Optimize the meeting experience. Focus on the most critical sections, access moment summarization, and explore the reasons behind those pivotal minutes. Gain an unparalleled perspective by comparing key highlights within a timeline throughout the meeting, elevating your understanding and driving your success to new heights.

Lights speed with moments
Collaboration tool dashboard: Improve meetings with moment summarization, critical section focus, and timeline comparison for success.
Dashboard for Spiky Academy's webinar platform, empowering sales reps with top-tier professional insights and best practices.


Empower your sales reps with unparalleled access to learning opportunities. Spiky Academy is here to sharpen your focus and elevate your expertise in the suggested areas of improvement. Experience a wealth of invaluable resources from top-tier professionals, providing a diverse array of cutting-edge insights and proven best practices.

Spiky Academy
Venom Strategies

My favorite feature of the Spiky platform is the detailed transcription it provides. The ability to capture all communication during an online meeting allows me to focus on the interaction rather than taking notes. The sentiment analysis is constructive in determining critical moments in meetings.

Jacob Cheatham

Jacob Cheatham

Chief Strategy Officer - Venom Strategies


Spiky makes it easy to coach the reps and ensure they correctly pitch our products. It is a valuable tool for improving our conversion rates throughout the funnel by more quickly qualifying leads. It has several handy features like a summary of the following steps and easy-to-understand analytics on performance.

Drew Olsen

Drew Olsen

Head of GTM - Gynger.io


The insights provided by Spiky are game-changing for Salesforce. The insights delivered hold power to enable and empower sales executives to empathize more with their customers, thereby understanding their value proposition and needs more deeply. This will ultimately lead to more sales conversions if used correctly.

Teijas Ky

Teijas Ky

Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnership - Wakelet


Integrations make your life easier! Start adapting the tools your team uses every day within secondswith minimal maintenance.

Connecting your daily tools will speed up your process by accessing the data instantly, prevent possible security vulnerabilities from manual work, access the deal flows, automate the filling process of CRM tools, and create correlations between each data.

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Seamlessly integrate daily tools with Spiky and Webex integration.
Integrate with Spiky and Zoom for full visibility of deals and meetings.
Incorporate your Microsoft Teams with the Spiky platform for easy adaptation of daily tools with zero maintenance.
Google Meet is ideal for integrating into Spiky, enabling seamless video recording and conferencing.
Seamlessly integrate your tech stack with Spiky for full visibility of deals and meetings.
Google Calendar app icon. Integrate daily tools with the Spiky platform for full visibility of deals and meetings.
Spiky’s integration with Outlook is seamless, represented by the Microsoft Office logo featuring blue and white envelopes.
Experience the power of Pipedrive integration with Spiky for automated CRM filling and data-driven insights.
Spiky integrates with Hubspot to streamline your sales process. Access deal flows, automate CRM filling, and analyze winning behaviors with ease.
Spiky AI
Spiky AI
Spiky AI
Spiky AI
Spiky AI

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Are you seeking a viable substitute for your sales analytics tool? We aim to be transparent, providing data-driven insights to assist you in making an informed decision.

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