Transforming efficiency with Transcription & Summarization

With accurate transcription, users capture and reference discussions, ensuring nothing is missed. The meeting summary gives a concise overview of key points and action items for easy review.

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How does Transcription & Summarization work?

Introducing Spiky's cutting-edge transcription and meeting summary capabilities, powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms. Our revolutionary technology effortlessly converts spoken content into highly accurate transcriptions, while extracting crucial information to deliver concise and efficient meeting summaries.

Streamline communication and save time

With Spiky's seamless solutions, referencing and collaborating during meetings becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of note-taking and embrace a more productive and collaborative approach with Spiky's transcription and meeting summary features.

Simplify meeting with Spiky's seamless solutions. Enjoy effortless referencing and note-taking with transcription and summary features.
With Spiky, meetings are seamless and productive. Unlock team's potential with its revolutionary features for referencing and collaborating.

Revolutionizing communication

With Spiky at your side, referencing and collaborating during meetings becomes a seamless and productive experience. Embrace the future of communication today and unlock the full potential of your team's interactions with Spiky's revolutionary features.

Collaborative Features

Spiky's collaborative features facilitate effortless sharing of your notes with colleagues, tracking customer information, and recalling vital points.

Spiky's collaboration tools simplify note sharing, customer data tracking, and point recall for seamless teamwork.

Spiky supports multiple languages.

With Spiky's cutting-edge summarization and transcription features, organizations have witnessed an impressive boost up to 25% in meeting productivity and efficiency.

Venom Strategies

My favorite feature of the Spiky platform is the detailed transcription it provides. The ability to capture all communication during an online meeting allows me to focus on the interaction rather than taking notes. The sentiment analysis is constructive in determining critical moments in meetings.

Jacob Cheatham

Jacob Cheatham

Chief Strategy Officer - Venom Strategies


Spiky makes it easy to coach the reps and ensure they correctly pitch our products. It is a valuable tool for improving our conversion rates throughout the funnel by more quickly qualifying leads. It has several handy features like a summary of the following steps and easy-to-understand analytics on performance.

Drew Olsen

Drew Olsen

Head of GTM - Gynger.io


The insights provided by Spiky are game-changing for Salesforce. The insights delivered hold power to enable and empower sales executives to empathize more with their customers, thereby understanding their value proposition and needs more deeply. This will ultimately lead to more sales conversions if used correctly.

Teijas Ky

Teijas Ky

Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnership - Wakelet

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