4 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement In the Workplace

02 Sep 2022

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Employee engagement is a vital part of workplace success. The spotlight of this success is on how people enhance their engagement in their corporate lives. According to Forbes's research, highly engaged employees demonstrated 21% higher profitability than other disengaged teams. This productivity ratio is a huge factor that can make or break a company's profitability. Unfortunately, a number of these factors are lost in productivity in general and the loss of critical employees from drop-out rates. The jump into difference is why no one wants to lose their significant employees or decrease their productivity. We will define the meaning of employee engagement and explain three straightforward but practical approaches to help increase employee engagement for you and your team.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement helps monitor and manage your employees' opinions on important aspects of your workplace culture. Additionally, employee engagement can be described as the motivation, enthusiasm, and investment employees have in their jobs. One's commitment to the firm and emotional connection to coworkers are signs of high engagement. There are various measures you can take to impact your office quickly. Utilize these tools when you observe a change in your team engagement or wish to gather some understanding of what level it is at increase your cultural wellbeing. We will outline three manageable strategies you can implement to boost your employee engagement.

1. Understand Your Teams

There is more than one way to understand and monitor your team. One of the most important ways is to listen to your team and hold 1-1 meetings. Any feedback you receive during these meetings is of great importance to your company and your employee. They provide uninterrupted time for managers and their direct reports to discuss initiatives, analyze performance, eliminate roadblocks, and more. It also allows managers to get better to know their staff more intimately.

2. Organization-Wide Communication

It is certainly beneficial to have a simple, rapid method to communicate with, ask for help, or cooperate with anybody in the firm, regardless of where they are. In addition, using a company-wide communication platform may help workers connect with those they do not get to interact with in-person every day, boost cross-departmental cooperation, and enhance overall team relationships. People may keep in touch with tools like Slack when working remotely when any help is required. Not only can technologies make some areas of our jobs more straightforward and practical, but they also allow employees to exchange laughs, strengthen ties with coworkers, and ask short questions without disturbing their workflows.

3. Prioritize Social Activities to Engage More

Nowadays, most companies prefer to work remotely. Working from home might make feel isolated. Many people meet their tribes at work. It might be tough to form ties when there is not as much social engagement. Then is when teamwork comes into play. A company-wide social activities initiative is a great way to improve employee engagement. Therefore, creating monthly-weekly (depending on what we are rushing that week!) movie nights, game nights, open mics, and workshops can make your employees more connected. Also, team-building events assist employees in getting to know one another better, enhancing productivity, boosting morale, and improving business culture. In turn, it improves communication and teamwork, which benefits the company!

4. Analyze Your Engagement Using AI

Everyone feels that meetings can be, most of the time, inefficient. Analyzing these inefficiencies is a huge responsibility that falls on companies to find weak points and improve the outcomes of their employees' daily lives. With modern algorithms now capable of miracles, more adaptive and intelligent solutions are entering the market to aid companies in better analyzing and understanding their employees. Well-designed dashboards, wicked-smart guidance systems, and actionable insights are the bread and butter of a modern hybrid/remote company.

What do we do at Spiky.ai?

At Spiky.ai, we utilize all of the above.

First, since we deeply care about our employees' feedback, we listen to them daily. We hosted more than 780 one-on-one meetings! According to a poll organized within the company, weekly meetings held in 2021 got positive engagement feedback from employees at a rate of 87.5%. These stats underline a robust approach to engaging with our employees and investing in their long-term satisfaction!

Secondly, Spiky.ai is a remote-first company. To correctly communicate across several continents, we use 17 technologies. For example, we use Discord to connect in our virtual workplace, and we may join any channel to ask our coworkers questions.

Thirdly, at Spiky.ai, we encourage employees to arrange workshops on whatever interests them. That helps immensely to communicate with other coworkers, gain more confidence while presenting, and improve overall friendships. In 2021, we wanted to increase our communication and engagement at Spiky.ai, so we held 12 movie/game nights and ate more than 42 pizzas together!

Last but not least, we are using and recommend you to use our engagement enhancement platform, Spiky.ai. With our easy-to-use platform, you can gain insights at the member, leader, and executive levels. In addition, we provide 48 different correlations with what each member most resonates with at the meeting or any virtual conferences. So no matter who you are, we can offer a better communication experience!

Now, it's your turn!

The practices listed above are simple yet powerful strategies to keep your employees engaged, happy, and dedicated to making your company not just a fantastic place to work but also a highly successful one.


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