AI Meeting Summary Generator - Why Did Spiky Build One?

10 Jul 2023

Two individuals conversed with a robot at a table to learn productivity and streamline sales with our revolutionary summary generator.

Everything is fast. Much is happening, especially in the remote world, but everyone has a limited time. Getting the summary of your meetings is essential to prevent you from generating manual action items or rewatching missed meetings.

The broken experience with meeting summary generator tools today

The speed of development in technology is massive! But despite the evolution in technology, especially in the note-taking tools most of you see today, there are standalone tools with many limitations. Using standalone note-taking tools delivers a broken experience for you and the participants in your meeting.

Standalone note-taking tools are focused on what you said during the meeting and generate the summary in paragraphs. But you need more. We all need more! This is why, Spiky is here!

Introducing Spiky’s AI meeting summary generator

In the analysis of the meetings, Spiky gives you a meeting summary and transcript.

The transcript includes every word that was said during the meeting. It also includes the questions and next steps with emotional status reactions.

The meeting summary includes sections of meetings with a concise recap of the key points of the meeting, as well as the participants involved in the intervals. Our algorithm splits the conversation into sections with a summary, actionable items, and next steps.

Where is the AI in that?

AI helps us to understand the action items throughout the meeting without manual reviewing. It gives us the following:

  • Next steps discussed
  • Questions asked
  • Expected developments
  • Sentiment analysis

Spiky also includes:

  • EQ moments
  • Actionable coaching
  • Meeting-type feedback

The AI also understands the key points of a conversation and boils the statements down into consumable chunks.

How meeting summary generator being a component of Spiky makes meetings 10x more actionable

Because the summary generator is a part of the Spiky platform, you have three significant advantages:

1. No more context switching between video conferencing tools and note-takers

‍Context switching is the tendency to shift from one unrelated task to another. Although it disturbs us, we cannot stop ourselves from doing it. According to Workesist Report ‘21, 45% say it makes them less productive, and 43% say switching tasks causes fatigue. Context switching also happens when you are using more than one tool and doing multiple todos simultaneously. For example, having a video meeting with your customer and taking notes simultaneously. With Spiky’s meeting summary generator, you can combine your tasks and have a more efficient and productive work day. And if you think there are some missing points, you can add any thoughts or comments to the summaries.

2. Easy onboarding and knowledge transfer for your company meetings

High employee turnover is common in sales and customer support roles. It is nearly [3x higher than](https://www.xactlycorp.com/blog/sales-turnover-statistics#:~:text=Sales organization turnover is nearly 3x higher than any other organizations.) any other organization’s turnover. So, making onboarding and knowledge transfer is crucial. Especially in a world where strength onboarding notices 70% more employee productivity and an 82% higher employee retention rate. Meeting summaries are valuable resources for new team members and the reps that missed those meetings or managers wanting to evaluate them. Meeting summary at Spiky offers insights into past discussions, customer preferences, action items and participant engagement stats. You can also pin your previous meetings and return to them with your team members or use them to train newcomers. These insights enable faster onboarding, help new hires familiarize themselves with ongoing projects, and empower them to contribute effectively.

3. No more losing valuable time in grunt work

Time is everything - especially in sales. But sales reps spend too much time on their daily grunt work, especially on [data entry](https://blog.close.com/39-shocking-stats-that-will-change-the-way-you-sell/#:~:text=71%25 of sales reps say they spend too much time on data entry.). When it comes to selling, salespeople spend only [35% of their time](https://www.itfocus-tm.com/how-much-time-do-your-sales-reps-actually-spend-selling/#:~:text=Research into what sales reps,generate revenue for the business.) selling, i.e., only 14 hours of a typical 40-hour week! We should focus on leaving more time for our sales rep to sell instead of grunt work, right? Spiky does that with our meeting summary generator. No need to steal precious time from doing the actual work, the human work. Catch up on your missed meetings - boil down 50 minutes meeting into five paragraphs, explore your action items, take notes instead of listening to your customer, and share with your colleagues to help them develop critical skills and stay in sync.

Go where most meeting summary generators won’t!

Customer experience starts when you first meet with them. In your sales meetings, it is essential to focus on the customer instead of remembering what they said because Spiky covers you with that. Let’s discover the Spiky difference.

If you want to simplify and automate your entire sales process, start from generating meeting summaries to get actionable insights - try Spiky today. Experience the difference between the standalone meeting summary generator vs. the end-to-end sales process platform first-hand.

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