Future of AI in the Sales Domain: Trends and Predictions

27 Mar 2023

A step-by-step guide on creating data visualizations in Excel, revolutionizing business practices with AI in sales.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a potent force that can expedite a company's growth through data-driven marketing and sales initiatives. AI-assisted sales professionals can now concentrate on their core competency: selling, which presently accounts for a meager 34% of their energy, as per Salesforce.

By leveraging AI-driven solutions to automate mundane tasks, companies can achieve significant productivity gains and improve customer engagement and loyalty. According to a survey conducted by Accenture and the Economist Intelligence Unit, nearly 38% of companies plan to invest in AI solutions in the next two years to augment their revenue growth and market share.

Regrettably, most companies prioritize AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants over comprehensive sales and marketing automation platforms that harness AI capabilities, overlooking the immense potential of AI-driven sales and marketing solutions. In 2022, 96% of business leaders expected to utilize AI simulations to analyze their company's performance in real-time, as reported by PWC.

As customer data collection and analysis improve, data-driven sales and marketing are swiftly emerging as industry best practices. To thrive in today's hyper-competitive business landscape, companies require innovative solutions to acquire new customers and foster enduring relationships with existing ones. Here are a few ways AI will transform the field in the near future:

  • AI-powered intelligent tools will dramatically reduce the time salespeople spend on researching and gathering information on potential customers and products by automatically analyzing data and generating insights, enabling them to focus on sales and relationship building.
  • By enhancing the predictive accuracy of the sales pipeline, intelligent automation systems will enable sales teams to identify opportunities more efficiently. Salespeople can then focus on the most lucrative prospects, maximizing efficiency while closing more deals.
  • With AI, companies can develop personalized product recommendations based on a customer's preferences, significantly enhancing the customer experience. Salespeople can offer tailored product recommendations, building trust and loyalty with customers.

As Spiky, our EQ/communication analysis & AI-based coaching technology, we have developed a revolutionary product that elevates how businesses interact with customers and manages their operations. Our state-of-the-art communications platform empowers businesses to engage customers and acquire new business in unprecedented ways.

Implementing an AI-powered sales and marketing platform can help businesses acquire more customers and drive higher revenue through the intelligent use of data and insights. By integrating data from across their organizations into their sales and marketing systems, companies can deepen their customer insights and increase their conversion rate by maximizing the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Data is at the heart of every AI-powered sales and marketing system.




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