Key Factors That Let You Know Your Meetings Are Good

16 Aug 2022

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In every business, progressive meetings are possible to reach and create a productive working environment. However, to understand whether your meetings are enough to satisfy both your employee and manager, you should start to follow the key factors that let you know you are on the right path for work life.

New Virtual World

Let's start with the importance of virtual meetings in the new normal. According to research conducted by Reclaim.ai, professionals attend an average of 25.6 meetings each week or 5.1 per day. This number has climbed by almost 70 percent since February 2020, when the weekly average was just 15.1 meetings. At the higher percentile, people who attend 15 or more meetings each week averaged 39.3 meetings per week, a 37.9 percent increase from the 28.5 weekly meeting average in February 2020. The numbers are so enormous to understand the meaning of each meeting for us. The most used platform for the formation of these meetings was Zoom. According to Microsoft Teams usage statistics, as of 2021, Teams had 145 million daily active users. More than half a million organizations use Zoom. Finally, Webex events had 650 million monthly attendees. All this shows how competitive the market is and how high the demand for meeting tools is. Why is it so important to understand all these numbers? The short answer is the ability to adapt to a new world. Organizations must pick the correct meeting tools, given that they are a massive part of modern work-life.


According to research conducted by Forbes, remote opportunities will continue to expand. Therefore, the remote working system is expected to become more widespread in the new post-covid order, and the number of meetings given above will increase gradually. Therefore, every company needs to consider the current state of its meetings. Furthermore, companies must ensure that they meet the needs of their employees and managers to build a healthy workplace for all. At this point, knowing their needs will play a significant role.

So, what are they?

Expectations of Your Participants

Meeting fatigue is rated as the most significant challenge by 37% of employees, demonstrating an opportunity to introduce new tools and procedures in virtual meetings to re-engage employees. The research was conducted on what employees required to prevent meeting fatigue. Here, they gave priority to two issues:

  • They want to keep the meetings at a certain time. The meetings must start on time and end on time. Extended meetings and those that do not finish on time harm employee morale. Therefore, the absence of this will make the meetings healthier.
  • Secondly, employees want to feel the development of cooperation from meeting to meeting. It is possible to achieve this with a meeting environment where communication and interaction are prominent.

Now that we know the needs of employees, we need to look at what managers should consider on the topic of meetings.

How Managers Go Beyond the Meetings

Managers are essential to this process of creating productive, collaborative, progressive environments. Two crucial tips for creating a remote or hybrid work environment that anyone can enjoy:

  • First, create an inclusive meeting environment by making and keeping promises to each participant as the manager. Thus you will make the meetings interactive, productive, and enjoyable for the employees.
  • Secondly, focus on actionable actions by considering each participant's feedback. Make decisions by considering multiple factors that affect the meeting productivity, such as whether meetings are short or long, in the morning or afternoon. These simple steps will take your meeting quality one step further and bring more efficiency to your team.

5 Measures to Know You're On The Correct Path

Meetings should be:

  • An environment where everyone's voice is heard
  • Effective and efficient
  • Relevant and interesting approaches
  • Collaborative and communicative
  • Engaging both at the team level and at the individual level

Spiky is For All Your Need

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