Why Corporate Training Matters: Spiky's Solution

25 Aug 2022

Corporate workspace with laptop, phone, and other items on orange background. Ideal for remote working and corporate training.

Corporate companies have long been aware that training their employees is also an investment in the companies themselves. Providing technical or soft skills-oriented training to its employees makes the working environment and the company more creative, flexible, and open to change.

We believe that there are several topics for training programs that every employee should consider. They help employees find success and increase their capacities.

  • Time management training to be more productive
  • Project management training to be more prepared for challenges
  • Effective communication training to increase the quality of interactions inside the team and company
  • Leadership training to understand each team member inside a team
  • Presentation skills training to present more effectively and confidently

Recently, corporate companies have begun to choose online training programs instead of physical ones, with 41.7% of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 now using online training. There are several reasons for this:

  • Online training takes 40 - 60% less employee time for training
  • By switching to online training, IBM saved ~$200 million
  • Every $1 spent on online training results in $30 in productivity
  • The online training market growth rate has been 900% since 2000

Online training has become very popular for several years because of its many attractive sides. But, some critical factors need to be managed to succeed in online training. Spiky can help you with all of these factors.

  • Using cross-module analytics, observe the emotion and learning analysis for learners and educators.
  • Recognize the uniqueness of every learner and create a personal learning environment.
  • Reduce the management team's overhead and provide a comprehensive understanding of your company's needs.
  • Create emotional analysis to increase engagement and success in online learning

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