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The company

FlashInfo is a revenue acceleration platform that unifies sales intelligence and engagement capabilities. They are helping their users to aggregate, organize, analyze, and provide information on companies worldwide.

The challenge

FlashInfo works with many different companies from different sectors, and each industry is unique. They have various pain points and targets. Even after the users started their application, FlashInfo gave them excellent customer support service, but they want to improve their service with Spiky and make it smoother.

The outcome

Spiky helps FlashInfo to smoothen the customer success and support process by increasing their customer meeting efficiency by 35% and boosting closing by $70K more on average per their account executives. This was all done by revealing the nature of communication by analyzing their meetings.

FlashInfo is a product of FlashIntel, specializing in a B2B intelligence search engine. It helps users find and verify contact information for potential prospects. Every sector has its uniqueness with its requirements for prospect research. But FlashInfo can provide their users with different and various types of filtering options.

Spiky, a pioneering partner in optimizing account executive processes, has played a pivotal role in enhancing the operational landscape of FlashInfo. With a strategic collaboration focused on elevating customer meeting efficiency, Spiky has successfully propelled FlashInfo towards achieving remarkable milestones.

Spiky offers FlashInfo various insights from their customer success and support meetings and helps them to understand the customers’ pain points more clearly. The platform emotionally reacts to the account executive and meeting-type related feedback and coaching.

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Spiky has streamlined and smoothened FlashInfo's customer interaction process through a meticulously designed approach. Leveraging advanced AI technologies and insightful analytics, Spiky has introduced innovative solutions, leading to a 35% increase in customer meeting efficiency. This transformative enhancement has expedited query resolutions and contributed significantly to an elevated level of customer satisfaction.

One of the most noteworthy achievements of this collaboration lies in the substantial financial impact it has generated for FlashInfo. By delving deep into the intricate nuances of communication dynamics, Spiky's analysis has yielded remarkable results. On average, each account executive at FlashInfo has witnessed a notable boost in their closing rates, translating to an impressive $70,000 increase in revenue per executive. This tangible financial growth is a testament to the power of deciphering the intricacies of customer interactions.

The Spiky platform has been deployed across my team of account executives and has helped us better capture and collaborate on the salient points of every meeting with quantifiable results.

Todd Schecter, VP of Sales, FlashIntel

Spiky's ability to unveil the essence of communication exchanged during customer meetings is central to this success. Through meticulous analysis and interpretation, Spiky has uncovered hidden patterns, unspoken cues, and invaluable insights that have been harnessed to refine FlashInfo's customer support strategy. By understanding the underlying nature of these interactions, FlashInfo has been empowered to craft more personalized and practical solutions, further enhancing its reputation as a customer-centric entity.

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