2021 Business Review: Key Highlights and Insights

17 Mar 2022

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Elevate Engagement, Empower Everyone!


People are what make organizations thrive. Inspired by people, we have seen that communication is critical in every aspect of life. We advocate that the best potential in people comes when they truly understand each other. Our mission is to build algorithms to optimize employee interactions and enhance their experience.

Our Story

Passionate for unleashing the maximum potential in everyone, our story began by optimizing education and training programs. We saw the direct impact we could have on people’s lives when we tailored personal interactions for individuals.

We decided to unleash the power of effective communication in everyone’s lives, not just during learning. With Spiky.ai, we now power your digital interactions using our suite of artificial intelligence algorithms.


People are what make organizations successful. Through our platform, we aim to unlock the best potential of everyone at Spiky.ai. We analyze your online meetings and education programs to make them more efficient and engaged. We direct our efforts to areas where we can add value to members, leaders, and executives for their needs. Our end goal is to empower people and produce beneficial societal impacts. Working with those who appreciate the challenges and relevance of local context in building community welfare is the best way to achieve this.

In 2015 all UN Member States endorsed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which provides a shared roadmap for peace and prosperity for people and the planet today and in the future. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at their core an urgent call to action for all nations — developed and developing — to work together in a global partnership. At this stage, we follow four of these 17 goals because of their importance for the development of the world. We emphasized these four aims: the first is linked to goal number three, promoting well-being. We encourage members, leaders, and executive-level well-being by ensuring that their voices are heard, and their work-related difficulties are identified and addressed. The second is linked to goal number four, quality education. We want to ensure that all learners gain a high-quality education that is inclusive and equitable and that lifelong learning opportunities are available and continue to be available for all. The third is related to goal number eight, decent work and economic growth. We want to ensure adequate jobs for future generations and minorities by assisting businesses in developing an inclusive culture. The last is related to goal number ten, to reduce inequality. We are following this goal to reduce inequity by helping companies analyze disparities in members, leaders, and executives’ well-being and promote diversity and inclusion in meetings.

Covid-19 Response

For a decade now, the focus has gradually shifted to a new form of business operation that is continually evolving due to exponential technology, agile working methods, and regulations. COVID-19 has only accelerated this transition based on human experience principles. These changes have led to long-term behavioral, cultural, and organizational changes. We take a closer look at the lessons gathered through COVID-19’s employee engagement experiences. One of the most significant impacts of the pandemic was the difficulty of retaining employee engagement. Employee retention refers to a company’s capacity to maintain current employees through leveraging employee engagement as a retention strategy. According to a Gartner poll, only 16% of companies use technology to observe their employee engagement. Predictive Index provides research that says 78% of companies can not pinpoint what makes their employees disengaged at work. Thus, the retention rate has started to decline for companies that have difficulty getting used to the remote working model and using new technologies. Employee engagement directly impacts employee retention, productivity, and loyalty, indirectly affecting customer satisfaction and corporate reputation. Thus, employee engagement within the company is crucial because it is also related to customer retention.

When we glimpse the statistics of 2021, the pandemic spent 2021 as a year when many companies had difficulty maintaining the workplace-employee engagement balance. According to research conducted by Quantum Workplace, engagement has dropped seven percentage points from first-quarter highs in the summer of 2021. Employee engagement declined month over month, falling from 81 percent in January to 74 percent in July. This rate has decreased in the first half of the last year. According to the research conducted by Atlassian, employees who work remotely were not actively engaged in the work, and 91 percent of employees daydreamed during meetings. Most companies started their meetings online in this process, but only a few companies use employee engagement measurement tools. This, in turn, caused the current low engagement rate to be reflected in the meetings most of all. Not surprisingly, 45 percent of employees said they were overwhelmed by the number of meetings they had to attend.

To aid in this problem, we created Spiky.ai. Spiky.ai gives feedback during and after your meetings. It allows firms to generate actionable insights to help future meetings be more effective. Leveraging higher engagement, companies perform better and are scientifically proven to increase their productivity. With the help of the Spiky.ai platform, the interaction is kept at the utmost maximum by providing different types of characteristics analysis. We create a more inclusive and diverse environment by making sure everyone has their voices heard during a meeting with effective communication. Using Spiky.ai, your performance increases by 30 percent with post-training analysis. Thus, Spiky.ai has a significant location in organizing the employee engagement relationship in work environments.

Celebrating Success

When we look at what we did as Spiky.ai during this last year, the external recognition we’ve received for our platform reflects our employees’ and customers’ dedication. In such a period, a lot could go undetected. Respectively let’s glimpse our success in each category.


Our website’s colors and layout are being updated. We thought it was time to embrace our more streamlined nature in the fourth quarter of last year, so we began to refresh our website and serve you with this new face.


Improved ML-based insights requested from our users:

  • Vocal and facial analysis, as well as comparison and reaction analysis screens, are all included.
  • Speaker voice analysis, charts for your team’s energy and emotional reactions.
  • New visualizations to see how speaker energy and emotion are distributed.
  • Big 5 personality analysis includes Assertiveness, Compassion, Enthusiasm, Industriousness, Intellect, Openness, Orderliness, Politeness, Volatility, and Withdrawal. Which can help you understand your students and team members.
  • New NLP models to better interpret spoken language, such as sarcasm, encouragement, objectivity, and language competency, among others.

New video upload interface:

  • You may choose the meeting type and size to decide the number of speakers we should evaluate, as well as further details about your meeting kind.

New dashboard experience:

  • We have included the status of your upload and report preparation to make it easier for you to track your analysis.
  • We included the overall video attention and emotion scores on your dashboard so you can quickly summarize and compare all of your data without having to dive into the thorough analysis report.

Case Studies

We started to create a case study archive. We published our case studies about:

To inform our customers in more detail about what we are doing and how we can help you increase your engagement.


Our team has grown. We will never cease extending our staff and adding to this incredible set of people. We will always require colleagues who are enthusiastic about their job and believe in its accuracy and principles. By bringing on new teammates, we can stay on the road we feel is proper, which is to be and do our best.

Social Media

We have revived our social media accounts after a sabbatical during which we concentrated on building the product. Now, each week, we will post fresh updates and posts on our social media channels to further introduce you to Spiky.ai.

More Achievements

The number of companies that have joined the Spiky.ai family has grown. The number of businesses that aim to boost employee engagement in their teams and organizations is growing by the day. We are continuing to develop and grow as a team. To support us in this development process and offer your suggestions, reach us at hello@spiky.ai or write your comments on our portal.

Company Culture

The company’s purpose is written into its DNA, infusing and harmonizing culture, beliefs, and values. Purpose and culture work together to establish the company’s dedication to doing business while also being ethical, respectable, and responsible, with organizational culture acting as a critical input into decision-making. The landscape of communication is changing, as are we. At Spiky.ai, we understand and care about you while doing our work. We operate with the following eleven values.


  1. One percent rule is when we put our words into action. There is no such thing as “I don’t know,” just “I will learn.” always be learning, and strive to better yourself and your job by 1% each day. A 1% increase every day sums up a 37X gain in a year.
  2. Taking ownership **is owning your work, as well as your mistakes. Don’t just do what’s requested of you. You should be able to rely on your colleagues, and they should be able to rely on you.
  3. Showing respect follows the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Always be open, helpful, and courteous.
  4. Commit and go fast **is the 80–20 rule that governs the cosmos. In other words, 20% of our work will take up 80% of our time, whereas 20% of our work will take up 80% of our time. Before we get trapped on 20%, we concentrate on reaching 80% soon. The majority of problems are solved by doing rather than contemplating.
  5. Accepting feedback means everyone is always learning, so we encourage our employees don’t be closed off to feedback. Feedback may be severe at times. It’s all for the sake of producing the greatest possible product.
  6. Loving our users **is **that our customers are everything to us. We care about their feedback because they are of supreme matter.
  7. Insist on greatness **is **we motivate our employees to take pleasure in their job and produce work that you would be proud to show others.
  8. Loving your work **is **we believe that our employees are on the proper road if they genuinely enjoy what they’re doing. We always seek places where they have a lot of fun and excel. We are working hard to bring these two groups together.
  9. Iterative shipping **is we concentrate on our employees for work. Don’t put off shipping work; instead, ship incrementally. Therefore, we will get feedback quickly and re-align tasks as needed.
  10. Simple and direct **is because we want to ensure that our employees aren’t making things too difficult for themselves. Simple design, simple coding, directness, and, most importantly, clear communication are all excellent qualities.
  11. Idea meritocracy is such that we don’t regard egos, labels, or titles, the better idea always prevails.

We strongly believe that the workplace environment will improve and our employees will be happier and more successful when we give importance to these values.

What does Spiky.ai do for Workplace Engagement?

The worldwide working patterns have changed dramatically because of the coronavirus outbreak. It has caused millions of people to work from home. This change gave us the advantage of working together. We use 17 different technologies to increase communication and boost engagement across 7 cities and 2 time zones. As part of our mission, we started to improve our engagement while working and learning remotely because we already know the importance of employee engagement at the workplace.

We’ve set up an online workplace on Discord that improves team collaboration and helps us feel like we’re in a real office working remotely. We have seven different teams, and correspondingly each team has its own office (i.e., FSD, ML, Marketing, and Product), as well as meeting rooms for one-on-one meetings and free areas to relax (i.e., gaming rooms, soft drinks room, and even a hard drinks room!). This communication method gives our employees working flexibility. They feel free to join other channels to ask or listen to their co-workers about what subject they are working on. To understand the effects of the online workplace on Discord, we created a poll to understand the feedback on what they think about Discord, and the results made us proud and showed that we are on the right track. The most attended activity is Discord Channels, with a 90.9% participation rate, and 100% of our employees said that this has positively impacted their remote working experience.

We believe that remote working firms require a primary application, and for this, we recommend using geekbot as an extension for Slack. We have built an elegant, straightforward system to follow each other for what every employee has focused on the day. Daily, queries are directed to each team member through this application. We write down how we felt that day, what we did, how much time we spent, and whether we had any problems every evening. We then inform all of our teammates. This process improves our overall understanding of what everyone is working on and allows other colleagues to assist each other with any issues they might be having.

Last but not least, another important factor that increased our workplace engagement was 1–1 meetings. When we asked our employees whether this was effective or not through an anonymous survey, they said it had a positive impact of 87.5%. When we look back to 2021, we see that we had more than 780 1–1 meetings. The most significant point here is that we listen to our employees and take actions in line with their feedback, so we express that this increases our engagement. Thus, we have advanced an active process with high interaction in all of our online meetings.

New Normal Activities at Work

We encouraged our teammates to be inclusive and diverse because we love each view and the opinions of all of our coworkers. One example is that we established a challenge called “Music Suggestion Channel” to share our favorite music and learn about our colleagues’ musical tastes while enhancing our connection by nominating individuals with whom we had never had the chance to speak one-on-one. The music from this channel is then added to a Spotify playlist that may be played in our Discord channel or offline. So, this allows us to think of each other while listening to music.

Further, we can say that it has been a year in which we attached importance to preserving and improving our sociality. We performed 12 game and movie nights with 42 pizzas. Also, we aimed to get to know our teammates better with the open-mic nights we have created. “Open-Mic Nights” is where anyone may share whatever they want with the team. Using this event, we wanted to discover more about our colleagues’ hobbies and uncover shared interests within the team, which helped us build social skills such as public speaking and presentation preparation. Finally, when we asked our teammates for their feedback about those events, 63.6% stated that those events reduced the stress of remote working, and 81.8% noted that those events improved the bond within the team.


Spiky.ai’s platform has established robust foundations for businesses to emerge more powerful than ever from the Covid-19 period. We will need to keep personally focused on technology, engagement, workplace, and culture to ensure that the efforts and hard work continue.


There has been a positive correlation between the intensification of the transition to digitalization caused by the pandemic and the fact that many businesses have started to use online meeting tools. Hereafter, the goal will be to ensure that the advantages of these accelerations are permanent. In this regard, at Spiky.ai, our ultimate goal is to boost the engagement of online meetings and increase the rate of technology adaptation.


COVID-19 has put an enormous strain on employees. The most important of these burdens is the decrease in internal engagement rates. Companies need to make these tough times easier by adopting policies that help their employees, such as flexible working arrangements, providing digital solutions that allow employees to communicate with each other, and getting actionable insights into whether their employees are engaged or disengaged. We, as Spiky.ai, care about the members, leaders, and executives at every level, and we continue all the necessary work to ensure that their potential is at the highest level.

Workplace & Culture

Businesses must guarantee that the values and goals of their organizations are supported during this challenging time despite the anxiety and stressful situations they face. At the end of this process, employees will remember how effective and constructive remote working was for them. That’s why the workplace & culture to be created is of great importance at all levels. At Spiky.ai, we strive to create an engaging environment for our employees and make the process more productive and efficacious by making decisions in line with their ideas. Additionally, we recognize that the culture and work environment we create here will impact the future strength of Spiky.ai.

Work With Us

We would love to work with you to develop new solutions that result in tangible outcomes for members, leaders, and executives through our working methodology. We enjoy and care about what we do at Spiky.ai. But what we care more about is happiness and belonging. We understand that we are stronger when we work together. We are an entirely distributed team with individuals from all around the world. We’re attempting to create a welcoming and diverse workplace. Every voice we discern is distinct.

At Spiky.ai, it’s more than just a job. For the benefit of the entire planet, we boost engagement. People have inspired us to see the importance of effective communication in all aspects of life. We are committed to helping our customers’ teams reach their full potential. We begin with our squad for this task. We work together to create cutting-edge algorithms that improve the online experience.

If you would like to work with us, do not forget to introduce yourself at hello@spiky.ai.

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