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13 Jun 2022

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Integrations make everyone’s lives easier — you can read these sentences everywhere. But why are they driving our lives easier? In this post, we dive behind the scenes of our integrations, explore the use cases of Spiky, and how you can use them daily and in your career.

Spiky analyzes your online meetings and gives you facial, vocal, and language insights to increase your engagement, productivity, and well-being. To use the platform, you need to upload your videos into our system, and the rest is magic! Yes, yes, let’s dive into the uploading part!

Integration connections

Manual uploading is hard and a waste of time. Most of the manual activities are… Spiky has a solution! We created integrations with the major video conferencing tools to our platform. If you choose, of course, you can still upload your videos manually to the platform but we engineered these integrations to make your life easier. To use these integrations, all you need to do is follow these incredibly easy steps:

  1. Go to Settings on the platform and connect your video conferencing tool account under Integrations. Select whichever you want!

After completing these steps, voila, you are ready to rock! From now on, you will see your cloud recordings automatically on the platform. You don’t need to download and upload your videos manually to use Spiky.

Let me understand the use cases

Okay, everything is ready to upload, and start creating amazing insights. Now, what?

Now, it is all about the use cases. We are giving you rich and unique insights, but how can these insights be useful if you don’t know how to implement them? Don’t worry, all this information is already implemented in our platform, so you can still reach them while using the Spiky platform using our tooltips.

1. Communication outcomes

Communication is paramount in our lives, both in our career and personal life. It doesn’t matter how you communicate with people; it could be with your facial expressions, vocal tones, or language choices. Spiky is here with you at every step of your communication. We don’t care about which you choose to communicate; we care about how you can increase the efficiency and outcome of your communication to build a healthier team culture and company sentiment.

Three types of communication have three different types of outcomes, and with raw eyes, it is hard to read all output clues like micro-mimics or vocal tone differentiation. Increasing your communication outcomes and making them more efficient is achievable with Spiky’s 48 different engagement metrics and ten unique reporting types for teams and 5 for members. Track whichever metrics you are interested in, such as energy level or objectivity; depending on what people respond most strongly to, you will be able to track your communication progress day-to-day.

2. Productivity

The general aim of the teams is to be successful, and the road to success is through efficiency. The more productive a team is, the more it pays off for the company. And at the end of the day, isn’t that the general purpose of all of us? Productivity increment is one of the most important building blocks of the company but yet, but it is one of the hardest things to achieve. But there is a way to execute this.

Meetings are the heartbeats of teams and companies. They could change the direction of the success of the companies. And with Spiky, you can improve the efficiency of your meeting and increase productivity by leveraging insights. All you need to understand your team better with Spiky insights and evaluate the level-up actions in the platform.

The level-up actions give you the general level highlights of the meeting and which parts you need to be more careful about. Well done. We correlate your EQ metrics with any performance metric you’re tracking to find out what the key is to motivate your teams. Maybe it’s energy; maybe it has more action items in a meeting? Every team and person is unique. Demystify performance with the help of Spiky.

3. Inclusivity & Employee loyalty

Inclusivity and employee loyalty are fundamental for employees to stay in the company. Having enough people is crucial for creating the product and delivering the business. But is it really easy to include all of your employees and develop their loyalty? With Spiky, yes! The key is to understand your employees. This understanding won’t come from boring surveys. Your employees show their emotions and feelings in the meetings; all you need to do is pay attention to what they want to say. By paying attention, you can reduce employee churn by increasing inclusivity and employee loyalty.

Spiky insights help you and your employees to understand each other and increase awareness with interaction and inclusivity auxiliary metrics. Make sure that everybody’s voice is heard.

4. Emotional memory

Emotional memory is important for human beings; it brings us together, helps us to connect with our overall memory, and ensures to gain emotional continuity. The effect of emotional memory is undeniable. Think about this; senior people could easily help their teams because of their previous experiences. This is the same with companies. When a company can access its previous emotional experiences, it can help its employees with this wisdom. Organizational emotional memories influence routines, beliefs, and procedures and help organizations be more innovative. With historical insights and always reachable meeting analyses, Spiky helps you to create a quantifiable-trackable emotional memory for your company to find what works and doesn’t work across company-wide decisions and policies. Did that hackathon work and increase employee happiness? Is there a need for a lunch outing this week? Drive your EQ decisions with data.

5. Tracking & Understanding

After several people, leaders in a team could get lost. Don’t think just about C-level executives. A teacher in a 30-student class or a product manager with 13 people working on a project could be some of our examples. It will be hard to track, understand, and remember all of the members and their reactions throughout the meeting. Let’s meet Spiky again. In your uploaded meetings, you can easily track the reactions and status of the teams on a daily/weekly basis to provide micro-pivots for the ones that are struggling. And you don’t need to memorize anything because our algorithms do it for you.

The general aim of all the insights in the Spiky platform is to create easier understatement between the member in an online meeting and increase engagement. The flag drops in happiness and interest level to provide an automated way to pivot company direction.

6. Efficiency

Everything in the world revolves around efficiency. It is a fundamental term for the company to reach out with its achievements. It helps you increase your production output and can eliminate time-consuming tasks. Employees are often tasked with improving efficiency, but it is not easy to execute. The road to efficiency goes through insights and how well you can define outputs. Using the Spiky platform, you can easily access the insights, as well as their meaningful outputs with actionable insights. We are here for you to increase your meeting and team efficiency because we care about you! Track meeting efficiency to reduce meeting costs and make your company lean. Get rid of those boring meetings that everyone hates!

Now what?

Now, we can talk about how you could implement and use Spiky in your company. Contact us at sales@spiky.ai, and let’s meet. We would love to show you why some of the largest companies in the world are working with us on the above use cases!


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