Spiky Partners With Webex as a Tier 1 Strategic Partner

26 Sep 2022

Check out Spiky's major strategic partnerships, including Webex, a tier 1 partner.

Spiky has partnered with Webex to deliver the Spiky application integration to Webex App Hub. This integration and partnership empower the way our customers enable the hybrid workplace experience for their organizations. Spiky with Webex enables you to quantify your emotional outcomes, ensure an inclusive workplace for all your employees, and supercharge development with EQ intelligence metrics.

Have your online meetings confidently with deep insights providing the underlying mechanisms needed to improve communication quantitatively and consistently.

Spiky | Webex

Spiky is here to create and power inclusive, healthy, and productive hybrid and online workplaces for companies worldwide. With the Webex integration on Webex App Hub, we are working to deliver a world-class experience and an effortless environment for our users.

”The Webex Platform enables sophisticated third-party integrations for our customers. Spiky’s AI-based engagement metrics demonstrate new capabilities that may be applicable to some industry use cases.”
Jason Copeland | VP Product - Webex Platform

Our enhanced custom-built AI models meet Webex. Together we provide valuable and more accurate insights for your online meetings to maximize collaboration and improve productivity. With the Webex integration, you can easily access all of your cloud meetings and meaningful insights with a single click.

  • Time is everything. Speed up your process with our Webex integration and access your meetings with one simple click.
  • People are what make organizations thrive. Dig into the underlying dynamics of your teams and company with EQ insights.
  • Put your privacy first and explore secure anonymized insights for each employee with an average pulse for the company.

“Webex is a great partner to have to support us on our journey. Webex is enabling the future of work with their state-of-the-art powerful video conferencing infrastructure,” said Spiky. “With our advanced EQ intelligence, we will enable managers in this new remote-first world. The loss of physical nuance has proven difficult for companies but a daily emotional pulse solves many of these problems.”

Use Cases

Offering rich data results as the most significant differentiation feature from its competitors, Spiky also provides its users with rich insights and use cases. You can use our deep analytics in all your online meetings. Regardless of the content of the meeting, the Spiky platform was designed for you, your team, and your company. Spiky powers your progress with advanced EQ intelligence to gain an edge over your competition.

  • People communicate through facial expressions, vocal tones, or language choices. Spiky increases the efficiency and outcomes of communication to build a healthier team culture and company sentiment and helps you to leverage the 7-38-55 rule.
  • The more productive a team is, the more it pays off for the company. Improve the efficiency of your meetings and increase productivity by leveraging EQ insights.
  • Inclusivity and employee loyalty are fundamental for employees to stay in the company. With EQ insights, include all employees and develop their commitment.
  • Emotional memory helps connect with the overall memory and ensures emotional continuity. When a company accesses its emotional experiences, it can help its employees with this accumulated wisdom.
  • It is mentally impossible to track everything. With the Spiky EQ intelligence dashboard and historical insights, follow, understand, and remember all of the team members and their emotional outcomes.
  • Analyzing every meeting and creating meaningful outcomes for companies could be challenging. With historical insights and high-level auxiliary metrics, understand the overall team and company status.
  • Efficiency helps companies to reduce costs and eliminate time-consuming tasks. The road to efficiency goes through insights and how well you can define your outputs.
  • Talking is an essential part of communication. Spiky’s algorithms analyze voice and language to provide you with metrics such as urgency and politeness to create hyper-awareness and prioritization.

Check out our Webex page for more insightful and detailed information, and visit us in the Webex App Hub.

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