Spiky's New Partnership with Cisco: Enhancing Collaboration

31 May 2022

The image symbolizes Spiky's successful funding round with Techstars, m]x[v Capital, and DormRoomFund, TechOne.

We are exhilarated to announce that Spiky is now partnering with Webex to enhance engagement for all workspaces worldwide! Along with our partners at Webex, Spiky is now delivering the Spiky Platform fully integrated to analyze your meetings and power your emotional intelligence metrics. With these integrations, you will be able to connect your Webex account and see your cloud recordings ready for analysis with one simple click.

Increase your engagement and empower your people in their online interactions and meetings with our enhanced custom-built AI models coupled with Webex! Connect the human-emotional aspect of your company with your hard metrics. Spiky empowers your company with:

  • High-level auxiliary metrics include meeting efficiency, inclusivity, average emotion, and attention.
  • Historical insights and trend analytics to track changes and significant correlations between emotional/communication metrics and hard metrics such as ROI/Performance/Meeting Cost etc.

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How will these insights be useful for my company?

Spiky is here to help you with the following:

  1. Increase communication outcomes of teams to build a healthier team culture and company sentiment.
  2. Develop productivity by leveraging insights into how to improve meetings and correlating these insights with high/low performance.
  3. Reduce churn by increasing inclusivity and employee loyalty.
  4. Create a quantifiable-trackable emotional memory for your company to find what works and doesn’t work across company-wide decisions and policies.
  5. Track teams on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to provide micro-pivots for struggling teams.
  6. Reduce meeting costs by building and tracking a meeting efficiency culture.

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How can I use Webex integration?

Automatic integrations make your life easier. Just log in to your account, and the rest is magic!

  1. Add Webex integration through the Webex App Hub or the platform.
  2. Go to Settings on the platform and connect your Webex account under the Third Party Integrations.

After completing these steps, you will be able to access your cloud meetings through the Spiky platform and easily start analyzing your meetings to enhance engagement!

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