Why Spiky Beats All Sales Coaching Analytics Apps

09 Jan 2024

Discover the superiority of Spiky, the sales coaching app, surpassing all analytics apps.

As a sales consultant and sales coach, I recently became an advisor to Spiky. There are several reasons, of course, why you start advising companies. For me, it was all about the product vision and the capabilities of Spiky.

Having worked in sales for over 20 years, I have always varied note-taking tools. Are they reliable? Aren’t handwritten notes better? What about security and confidentiality? The other day, I was on a call when we discussed things, and the host let ‘all the bots’ in. All of a sudden, there were ten different note-taking apps; it was a crowded space.

So, what makes Spiky stand out for me?

Firstly, Spiky summarises the call in sections, clearly outlining any action items by the participant. That’s super helpful if you need to do a follow-up. If you want to forward an executive summary to someone else from the platform, Spiky writes it in your preferred style. In the email, you get a summary of the key metrics in terms of an overall Spiky score, then the attention, interaction, and emotional score. Plus, you get a quick feedback overview of whether you asked healthy questions and whether you had a balanced interaction. This has been super useful for managing myself or coaching others.

When coaching individuals, I am keen to look at the deep dive of the call within the Spiky platform. Not only do I get a full transcript if I wish, but I also get a list of all the questions I asked and the next steps we agreed on during the call. I get an overview of question ratio, talking speed, average patience, talk ratio, positivity of language, and voice emotions. Based on an average, I can see whether I am within the desired range. A simple traffic light system guides me if I speak too quickly and whether I am too negative.

These are critical actionable insights that allow me to coach individuals better based on their call feedback. If I have access to their platform, as a manager or sales coach, for instance, I can see trends and coach them accordingly.

Then, I can define sales meeting stages and classify meetings based on use cases; storing these calls and summaries within your CRM is a given. Whether you use BANT, SPIN, or MEDDICC, Spiky helps you classify the milestones you hit. The feedback section in the platform allows you to dive deep into the metrics, e.g., budget and guides you on coaching on that topic and which area of the call is related to the budget. You can go through the transcript anytime or rewatch the video with your coachee. Again, it is a super action-oriented functionality, making the tool very practical, which goes way beyond any note-taking tool.

A further deep dive function allows for analyzing visuals, vocals, and language used, whether angry, happy, neutral, or sad. Again, if you see that the user is distracted, then you can coach them to improve this on the next call.

For me, Spiky stands out as a practical and action-oriented tool that transcends traditional note-taking and offers an inclusive solution for sales professionals and coaches alike.

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