Ace Your Online Interview with These Pro Tips

12 Jun 2023

A man is sitting at a desk with a laptop and computer at Spiky. Discover your dream with Spiky, where work is a passion shared.

Find and design your dream with us. Working at Spiky is more than a job. We love what we do, but we love doing it together more.

Spiky is a fast-growing, promising tech company that provides intelligent online meeting metrics to its customers using custom AI-powered solutions. As we grow and reach different people worldwide, we need great teammates to shoulder new challenges along with us.

Online hiring is here to stay and is a little different from face-to-face interviews, but don't worry; everything will be fine. At Spiky, we conduct our recruitment processes online and through online video conferencing tools. We prepared some tips for you and your online interview.

Please remember that we explain the preparation process for Spiky and our interview process, but you can implement these tips in all of your interviews.

Before the Interview

Check out the company

Values are essential for companies, and they create the base structure of the company. Most companies, at least the ones worth working at, share their values on their websites, and so do we. We give the utmost importance to all our decisions by evaluating them based on our values. So, check out our company values and research our company to understand our history and what we care about.

According to your role, you may also check out the company's social media account and product. If possible, try to use their product to acquire general knowledge.

Prepare your environment

Your background and environment could be a possible distraction during the interview and negatively affect you and other interview members.

  • Find a quiet place
  • Use a neutral background
  • Check your lighting

Practice answering questions

Job interviews are related to you, your experience, and your background. Therefore, the interviewer could ask the details of your experiences and technical questions to determine your behavioral and technological past. Since the interview questions have multiple answers, practicing the questions before the interview could be helpful. It helps you prepare your answers and decide what you want to say.

If you want to practice answering questions but are unsure what the questions will be, you could google the most common interview questions and check out the company's career page and blog posts.

You can use the Spiky platform to practice by yourself or with friends, gain member insights about your interview training, and see yourself from the outside.

During the Interview

Relax, be confident, and speak clearly

While completing an interview, it is essential to remain calm and confident. Staying relaxed will help you to speak clearly and to express yourself more broader and in a better manner. During the interview, be aware of your breath and pay attention to talking slowly and clearly while you are answering questions. Being relaxed and speaking clearly will gain you more time to think, prevent possible delays caused by the technology, and ensure you are heard and understood.

Use an external microphone

Even if all computers have internal microphones, these generally decrease the voice quality and make background noises. Using an external microphone or a headset ensures you will hear and understand by increasing your voice's quality and helping you understand their questions.

Listen carefully and be present

Interviews can be exhausting, but listening to the interviewer and being present are extremely important. It is easy to be distracted and not pay attention to nonverbal cues. You should be an active listener and shouldn't do anything else in the background. Your eye movements and the light change on your screen reflected on your face will tell the interviewer that you are looking elsewhere.

After the Interview

Follow up with your interviewer

After the interview, you can follow up with the person you interviewed, which may increase your chances of being hired. While contacting your interviewer, don't forget to mention your name, the position you are applying for, and the interview date to help them to remember you effortlessly. You can also ask any questions that come to your mind after the interview.

Take feedback

Even if your meeting results turn out negatively, you can and should always ask for feedback. Ask them for their feedback and the areas you could improve for the next time. In addition, you can ask for feedback if you proceed to the next step of the recruitment process.

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