Meeting Essentials: Building Blocks for Success

17 Nov 2022

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Multiple components tie fundamental parts of meetings together. First, we will give the usage numbers of the top video conferencing tools. Next, we will talk about meeting expectations for employees and employers, explain the indicators of an effective meeting, and talk about three small tips on what you can do to make your meetings effective and efficient.

Status of meetings

The virtual-online meeting sector has increased in prominence over the last few years, and the relationship between meetings and individuals at each level is essential. According to 98% of respondents in a Lifesize survey, video conferencing helps with networking inside and outside a firm.

Regarding the importance of meetings, 62% of businesses use three or more video-calling platforms.

Global videoconferencing tool usage:

  • In May 2022, 1.3 billion unique international visitors visited Zoom.
  • Google Meet had over 100 million daily meeting attendees in 2020.
  • Microsoft Teams now has 270 million active monthly active users.
  • Webex meetings have 650 million monthly participants.

Virtual meetings impacts


  • One-hour progress meetings are attractive, beneficial, and engaging.
  • Video conferencing makes 89 percent of individuals feel more connected to loved ones.


  • Up to 90% of people multitask during meetings.
  • The most significant concern with video conferencing, according to 37.1 percent of respondents, is attending too many sessions.

What do employees want from meetings?

What do managers look at in meetings?

  • More Interactive Meetings
  • Give Each Person 'The Floor'

Fundamental pointers for an outstanding meeting

  • Where everyone's voice is heard.
  • Effective and fruitful.
  • Relevant and interesting.
  • People working together.

Three concise tips to improve your meetings

  1. Increase people's engagement in virtual meetings
  2. Use a meeting analytics tool to gain deeper insights.
  3. Understand your team with emotion, sound, and face analysis

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